​​​How we do it.

Step 1

Free credit evaluation.  We work with you to get copies of your reports from the credit reporting agencies.  We examine your credit reports  and offer recommendations.

Step 2

If you agree,  we develop a plan of action and begin communications with the credit bureaus.

Step 3

You will receive communications from the credit reporting agencies.  Forward that information to us and we will prepare appropriate responses.

Step 4

During the process, you can contact us at any time or monitor our performance on your client log in link.

How long does it take?

​On average:

30-45 days                Credit agencies are required to respond to our requests.

45-60 days               Follow up on outstanding items

90 days                    Completion

FREE CONSULTATION   866 678-1552

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Credit Repair Services

-Credit and Employment-

Increasingly, employers do background checks for new hires and promotions.  Will your credit score have an effect on your chance for advancement?

We helped many others. we can help you: Bankruptcies, Collections, judgements, tax liens, medical bills, student loans, late payments, insufficient credit history, Identity theft.

​​Why is Good Credit Important?

90% of lending decisions are based on credit scores. A good credit score is essential for home purchases, car loans and much more...